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 A Love Potion Like No Other

March 15, 2017

The O Group recently had the pleasure of being invited to what can only be described as an intoxicating experience by one of our favorite clients, The Pierre Hotel in Manhattan.

The event, which is exclusive to the Pierre, is a pop-up store by contemporary French perfumery Sous Le Manteau. With a fresh approach to fragrance and romantic love, Sous Le Manteau and The Pierre Hotel provide a unique and memorable aromatic journey known as the ‘Essence of Love’. Upon entering the ambient pop-up store you are met with the host and creator of Sous Le Manteau, Olivia Bransbourg who then explains the concept behind the range. Love, desire and the sensory processing of certain notes in the unisex fragrances drive the ‘Essence of Love’ series. Inspired by old French love potions each perfume symbolizes a certain type of lover and certain approach to romantic love. Visitors are matched to a scent by a questionnaire given to you in store, which you can also take on the Sous Le Manteau website here. The full ‘Perfume of Desires’ range has five unique fragrances but you will definitely have one favorite that evokes feelings of desire and sensuality

As a personal and very romantic touch, included in every purchase is an amulet that you can douse in your chosen fragrance and give to your beloved. Just as you think that the sensual and explorative experience is over, you are given the option to mull the intricacies of romantic love at the Rotunda restaurant in The Pierre. In the Rotunda you are presented with cocktails that represent each of the SLM fragrances in the series. Made at the table side in front of you, the cocktails are as complex and lovely as the fragrances themselves.

This curated experience epitomizes luxury, from the aesthetic of the perfumery space, the unique touch and feel of the packaging and the personal touches at every step of the journey. Sous Le Manteau has created an all-encompassing sensory experience that leaves a long and lasting impression.

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