AVS Joins Forces With Pirch

May 19, 2016

When your clients collaborate with awesome partners: In an incredibly exciting move in the evolution of retailing, our client AVS (Audio Video Systems) has joined forces with Pirch, a cutting-edge provider of kitchen, bath and outdoor appliances.​

Pirch SoHo represents a fusion of fashion, home and technology. This new SoHo retail concept on the corner of Broome & Lafayette is a true interactive home shopping experience. In the beautiful 3-story downtown location, you can turn on the faucets, cook a meal and even take a bath in one of their private bathing suites, should you be so inclined. Our client, AVS (Audio Video Systems), specializes in the integration of all custom systems and control technologies throughout the home, and the kitchen is no exception. You can find AVS at the epicenter of this new Pirch space as a featured partner in the Connected Loft, a smart kitchen, where they feature best in class media, speakers, lighting, and control systems. This kitchen of the future, “shows the promise of tomorrow as our appliances learn to communicate with our food.”​