Burberry Debuts First Ads For Revamped Retail Strategy

June 1, 2016

Quoted in Luxury Daily today, our Business Development Manager Kristen Dillman shares her take on Burberry’s move away from seasonal campaigns and consolidation of labels within the brand.​

“Burberry’s consolidation of its three brands into the single ‘Burberry’ label is a move toward streamlining brand communications for consumers — one which we have seen echoed across the industry by brands such as Ralph Lauren, who consolidated its Black label to alleviate some confusion,” said Kristen Dillman, business development manager at The O Group, New York. “Burberry’s decision to avoid categorizing the latest campaign by season is an interesting move,” Ms. Dillman said. “Removing the season label from the campaign is a smart transition toward continued promotion of Burberry as forward-thinking. After all, people still look to heritage luxury brands to lead the charge, and this effort from Burberry to move past seasonal labels may prove to be at the forefront of what’s next in luxury.” To read the article in full, please visit Luxury Daily’s,”Burberry debuts first ads for revamped retail strategy.”​