Collaborations, Culture and Curation

December 2, 2021

Luxury is Culture Now. Here’s How / Vogue Business, Kati Chitrakorn
Collaboration is king right now in the world of luxury lifestyle goods and services. The key to a successful collaboration is creative intersections that build on values and culture.  “Luxury brands no longer sell just their brand. In a new era of consumer expectation for shared values, brands are curating platforms to function as tastemakers to extend their own brand halo into the wider cultural world.”
We have been seeing the collaboration trend well before the pandemic, but after a year of forced isolation it has become clear that we crave connections more than ever and brands that can help connect the dots for us have a higher value today. “Luxury brands understand that it is riskier to only have one type of value proposition for their customer. By expanding their curatorial offerings, they’re ensuring that the customer considers them as a destination for any kind of need.”
Besides the rise of collaboration, curation has become a powerful platform for brand communication. “Brands are looking for more organic ways to be able to tell their story, and I think that’s why they are turning to curation. If these collaborations allow them to present content and ideas, other than merchandise, it’s a fabulous opportunity to reinforce what they stand for.”
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