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Fashioning Infotainment For The Luxury Sector

March 1, 2017

The luxury sector must reinvent itself in order to remain relevant, attractive and exciting. This extends to adapting marketing methods to reflect the strongest, most promising strategies of our time. One such strategy and a particularly promising trend for the new year comes to mind – infotainment video.​

It’s one of the fastest growing trends for 2017, although we wouldn’t refer to it as such. Infotainment is always relevant. These videos incorporate all of the reasons why content marketing is so successful today. And to put it simply, infotainment is the merging of entertainment and information. It’s difficult to imagine this could go out of favor anytime soon. The most successful, flourishing luxury brands have learned to evolve faster than ever before. And in 2017, it may no longer be enough to inform or entertain audiences. Combining both worlds will elevate your brand to a whole new level while aiding audiences in cutting through the noise. Their reward? Discovering content that’s truly worthwhile and worthy of being passed along. Infotainment video for luxury can offer content that’s entertaining yet useful. Consider the joys of learning about a favorite wine. Many enthusiasts don’t find sourcing and consuming fine wine to suffice. The joy extends to learning more about the varietal, the region and even the year of production. Use this as your source of inspiration. Luxury consumers want to learn fun facts they haven’t been exposed to before for tidbits to share in social situations. Champagne Bollinger is a wonderful example. They excel at infotainment with videos explaining winemaking methods and traditions while sharing their company culture, all to cinematic effect. The videos emphasize exacting measures behind-the-scenes such as the daily hand rotation of bottles. Bollinger’s riddler rotates approximately 50,000 bottles each day by just an eighth or quarter of a turn to fuse the sediments. It’s infotainment that informs, entertains and serves to highlight the excellence of the brand. Most brands will fare best by avoiding going too deep into subject matter or featuring esoteric themes. Luxury audiences are diverse and the aim is to capture and sustain the attention of most of your target market for a successful campaign. Strive for exclusivity. What content encompasses your expertise but isn’t considered to be common knowledge? What type of content will keep viewers coming back for more? These are the videos your clients want to see, they can’t wait to share and that which will inspire the possibility of a purchase. The Chanel fashion house has seen success with infotainment video for years. Much of their world of haute couture is shrouded in secrecy – from the design processes to the names of clientele. However, Chanel offers quick, exclusive peeks into the master craft process each season for social media. The brief clips entertain and appeal to the emotions with attractive music and visuals while giving an idea of just how much work it takes to create a single couture look. It works because it’s just as intriguing for the passive viewer as it is for devoted clientele. Whether it’s the history and origins of wine and spirits or the handcrafting process of luxe goods, intriguing and valuable content “wins” every time.​

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