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Longchamp, Emotionally Unavailable Continue Collaboration with Nostalgic Film

January 7, 2022


French leather and accessories brand Longchamp has announced the second iteration of its partnership with contemporary fashion brand Emotionally Unavailable (EU) via a Home Alone-inspired campaign.

For their second project together, the two brands have showcased a capsule collection of colorful, floral prints and nostalgic designs in a short film inspired by the holiday classic. Longchamp and EU initially unveiled their partnership in April 2021 with a reinterpretation of Longchamp’s classic Le Pliage handbag and a corresponding campaign hinged on the slogan “Been a CHAMP a LONG time”.

“There is a very approachable feeling to this collaboration, which seems very on-brand for Longchamp,” said Daymon Bruck, chief creative officer at The O Group, New York. “When combined with the streetwear styling of EU, the entire collection delivers a fresh take on classic bag forms and helps to elevate both brands at once.

“It’s also encouraging to see a campaign that can incorporate a fun and lighthearted air around the concept of travel again, especially after continued COVID-19 lockdowns around the world.”

Longchamp x EU: Part II
Designed by Longchamp creative director Sophie Delafontaine and EU founders and designers Edison Chen and Kybum Lee, the collaborative collection comes to life in an entertaining minute-long vignette.

The film opens with a couple snoozing their alarm and jumping out of bed to pack for a trip for which they are evidently late.

Set to a ragtime-style piano soundtrack, the whole family runs around the house, stuffing clothes and other travel items into their Longchamp x EU bags.

One by one, the family members exit the front door of their home, except for the youngest son, who decides to stay behind — alone.

The final scene of the short film depicts the young boy sitting at the dining room table with a massive bowl of macaroni and cheese and a wine glass filled with milk.

While the first collaboration between Longchamp and EU was inspired by boxing, this collection focuses on vintage palettes and patchwork designs.

The line includes bags, sweatshirts, tees and accessories.

The collection ranges from $49-$655 and is available at the Longchamp and Emotionally Unavailable ecommerce sites.

Invasion of Streetwear
The jury is still out on when streetwear officially entered the luxury fashion space.

Some say it was in 2017 when Supreme’s “Friends and Heroes” x Louis Vuitton collection debuted at Paris Fashion Week, while others credit Virgil Abloh and his brand Off White for bringing streetwear into the mainstream fashion circuit.

Regardless, what started as a single moment has evolved into a fashion movement, and brands are taking notes.

In November 2021, Italian fashion label Missoni partnered with streetwear brand Supreme for added exposure. The house’s signature colorful knit patterns adorned a capsule collection from Supreme, which includes bomber jackets, hoodies, polos and bucket hats.

A few months prior, Italian fashion label Emilio Pucci partnered with Supreme on a capsule collection featuring two archival prints. The spring/summer 2021 collection included 14 pieces with Pucci’s 1965 Tulipani print and 1970’s Fantasia print.

Many pieces from the collection sold out immediately, demonstrating the continued appeal of collaborations between luxury labels and Supreme.

“We are seeing collaborations between streetwear and classic luxury brands everywhere right now and [I] admire how they can provide benefits for both collaborators,” Mr. Bruck said. “Streetwear brands have greater visibility to a younger audience, an audience that classic luxury brands need to engage with to communicate relevancy.”

Original article published in Luxury Daily, January 7, 2022

The new collection features new patchwork themes. Image credit: Longchamp

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