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Louis Vuitton Embraces Playful Curiosity in Menswear Campaign

April 1, 2022

French fashion house Louis Vuitton is exploring creative freedom in a new campaign featuring the designs of the late Virgil Abloh.

The “Daybreak” men’s capsule is featured in a film of the same name. Exemplifying Mr. Abloh’s fashion philosophy, the collection blends workwear and sportswear in a playful spirit.“The new Daybreak campaign/collection from Louis Vuitton highlights the youthful need for functional design for stylish movement of everyday activities,” said Dalia Strum, founder of Rethink Connect and professor at The Fashion Institute of Technology, New York.

“And the aesthetic truly aligns with Virgil Abloh’s influence,” she said. “He was truly known for the convergence of streetwear and luxury apparel.”

Day Trippers
Filmed in Lisbon, the vignette begins by a seawall at dawn. Stelvio Cipriani’s lively “Anonimo Veneziano” serves as the spot’s soundtrack.

One young man stands next to a lamppost while another lounges nearby. They rise and skip rocks on the water.


As the day gets brighter, they continue exploring the city – even sneaking into a tower. Visually, the film has a soft focus, opting for an intimate, authentic aesthetic rather than sleek, overly polished footage.

“This film presents a very thoughtful blend of youthful energy mixed with a sophisticated soundtrack and elegant filming that reinforce Abloh’s work with Louis Vuitton; an evolution of classic brand motifs for a younger audience who desire clothing and accessories that can worn anywhere,” said Daymon Bruck, chief creative officer at The O Group, New York.

Elsewhere, the young men run through a sparse crowd and take a cab ride through the city, eagerly taking in the sights and sounds. Their curiosity also leads them to a courtyard where they kick around a soccer ball – emphasizing the designs’ streetwear sensibilities.

“The ‘Daybreak’ campaign is a beautiful homage to both the versatile streetwear styling of the late Virgil Abloh and traditional Louis Vuitton brand themes of travel, discovery and romance,” Mr. Bruck said.

The film’s celebration of male friendship continues with the pair scaling an apartment rooftop. Again, the men’s escapades allude to the versatility of the collection.

“This video embraced the customer profile they’re aiming to target, who is highly active, and this campaign allowed the opportunity to visualize the collection in movement,” Ms. Strum said. “When you’re comfortable in your outfit, that’s when you feel the most complete and motivated to start the day.”

With the sun beginning to set and drenching in the sky in saffron, the young men return to coastline. They embrace, their silhouettes contrasting against the brightness of the sunset.

For Virgil
Now available in stores and online, the pre-fall capsule includes some of Mr. Abloh’s last designs.

Mr. Abloh passed away in November 2021 at the age of 41 years old after privately fighting an aggressive form of cancer, cardiac angiosarcoma. The loss came as a shock to many in the fashion, music and luxury communities, with an outpouring of tributes for the designer.

On Nov. 30, two days after the designer’s passing, Louis Vuitton hosted a runway presentation of Mr. Abloh’s spring/summer 2022 collection. Held in Miami, the event drew many of Mr. Abloh’s famous friends and collaborators, including Kanye West, Kim Kardashian West, Rihanna, Pharrell Williams, Venus Williams and Maluma, among others.

The fashion label continues to pay respect to the late men’s artistic director.

“Louis Vuitton honored him through Virgil Abloh’s quote of the pre-fall collection: ‘Don’t let your day job define you,’” Ms. Strum said. “And Virgil understood the value of creating styles that people would truly want to wear, this collection is the epitome of that mind space.”

Original article published in Luxury Daily, April 1, 2022

The Daybreak campaign honors male friendship
The new campaign and collection has an uninhibited ethos

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