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Missoni Stitches Together Colorful Craftsmanship Campaign

February 15, 2022

“The Cardigan” follows the making of one of Missoni’s colorful garments, focusing on the manufacturing rather than the design process. By focusing on the sights and sounds of the process, Missoni lets the cardigan speak for itself.

“This new spot for Missoni falls beautifully in the ‘show not tell’ camp of brand marketing,” said Daymon Bruck, chief creative officer of The O Group, New York. “It’s rare to see a single article of clothing become the complete star and focus of a brand campaign.”

Mr. Bruck is not affiliated with Missoni, but agreed to comment as an industry expert.

In Stitches
The campaign is set at Missoni’s manufacturing site in Milan. The steady beat of the instrumental music builds anticipation for what is about to unfold.

The physical cardigan itself begins with threads, with closeups of bright thread cones as machines whir in the background. A series of frames shows computer sketches of the cardigan design, followed by an unseen designer creating the pattern on a computer.

Workers begin threading the weaving machines and the work really begins. Before long, a cardigan with Missoni’s distinct zig-zag motif has begun to form.

The fabric is taken by another worker to a different team for assembly. Close-ups show Missoni employees, who wear distinguished white jackets, sewing details like the buttons and trim of the cardigan.

While the stitching is done by machine and not entirely by hand, the implication is still clear – this is detailed and precise craftsmanship.

Throughout the spot, the focus also remains on the garment and the team behind, keeping the individual players essentially anonymous. There is also no dialogue or explanatory text.

The next step for the cardigan is having the label sewn on. In a nod to individuality, the updated label reads in part: “Authentic knitwear, made in Italy, inspired by you.”

Finally, the completed cardigan is delicately steamed before being wrapped and packaged.

The final frame of the campaign shows the cardigan framed as if it was a work of art.

“This campaign immersers the viewer in the complete production process and by doing so really lets the fabric and the attention to details shine,” Mr. Bruck said. “No words are needed when you can simply show how well designed and crafted each piece is: if presented properly, it can speak for itself.”

Crafting the Narrative
Luxury fashion labels often center craftsmanship in marketing campaigns as a way to differentiate themselves.

In a recent effort titled “Can a bag help save the world,” leather goods house Mulberry explored its mission of blending sustainable innovation with contemporary British design and craftsmanship. The vignette looked at the entire process of fashion and how points along the supply chain can be made more sustainable, from the ground up.

For a more extensive campaign, French fashion house Dior revealed the historical and contemporary culture of the southeastern Italian region of Puglia through an immersive documentary, offering insight into the development of the brand’s cruise 2021 collection. The 33-minute film featured Ms. Chiuri herself, various artists, craftspeople and creators in Lecce who discuss the history and tradition behind their work and their region. This newest “Cardigan” campaign from Missoni continues this tradition of emphasizing craftsmanship.

“By focusing on the behind-the-scenes details and work that goes into making an exquisite piece of Missoni fashion, this campaign embodies genuine transparency,” Mr. Bruck said. “This is an effective campaign for Missoni because it reinforces the brand’s high standards for luxury craftsmanship and textiles.”

Original article published in Luxury Daily, February 15, 2022

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