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Luxury Trend Watch: Brand Collaborations

October 14, 2020
We are seeing collaborations becoming a powerful and strategic marketing priority for luxury brands in 2020. This is especially true for heritage brands like Hennessy who often receive an infusion of much needed relevancy and cultural cache with every successful collaboration.
Hennessy made an interesting choice with their 150th anniversary packaging collaboration with Architect Frank Gehry (as opposed to yet another fine artist). In the world of modern architecture, Frank Gehry is even more interesting because his style is both well respected and polarizing. You either love his work or hate it. In other words, this was an interesting and bold choice verses a safe one for Hennessy.
Cognac bottles typically have a sensual and sculptural look to them, but instead of creating an expected twist on the vessel itself, Gehry drew inspiration for this project from both the liquid inside the bottle and the reflection of light on the Charente river in Cognac, home to the Hennessy Maison.
Gehry’s work has always been sculpture in nature, allowing for a more playful opportunities with light and space.  The shimmering sculptural elements used on both decanter and box for the 150th anniversary is celebration of Hennessy’s place of origin as well as representing the rich experience felt with each pour of this fine spirit.
Hennessy XO
Hennessy's 150th Anniversary

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