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VR And The Luxury Consumer

January 3, 2017

The future of digital marketing has arrived to the luxury arena. Virtual reality (VR) is finally a serious contender with improved technology and more considered applications. It’s being embraced by the likes of Charlotte Tilbury, Tommy Hilfiger and even the House of Dior as a powerful means for reinforcing a brand.​

However, VR technology is not enough to make an impact. A luxury VR campaign must be authentic, relevant and exclusive. Entertainment is also an essential element and a great way to get shoppers into brick-and-mortar stores. Let’s examine the aforementioned brands. All three offer in-store VR experiences at select shops around the globe. Charlotte Tilbury’s experience led by Kate Moss may also be enjoyed online for those equipped with the proper gadgetry. Tilbury’s move into VR was to promote her first fragrance, Scent of a Dream, whereas Hilfiger and Dior promoted recent fashion shows. All three brands did an exquisite job at driving store traffic with the piqued interest of brand fans and what was likely to be a first-time VR experience for many of their clients. Tommy Hilfiger’s version brings users into the 360 degree world of a fashion show. Guests have up close views of the designs, the models and fashion row guests. While it is authentic and relevant, the only aspect that feels exclusive is the opportunity to view the event through the eyes of a VR headset. If the VR aspect is removed, it’s the same scenes shoppers can peruse online. Dior expertly met all three points by taking guests backstage, with an emphasis on exclusivity. The behind-the-scenes experience is truly exclusive with the prepping of models and expert makeup artistry that may only be viewed in stores. What’s more, with their 3D, high-definition presentation, all points were considered. They were ever careful to align every element with the Dior brand. This means even the high-tech VR headset was designed by an in-house team. This ensures an aesthetically appropriate device with an emphasis on quality, hallmarks expected from a luxury firm in fashion. Virtual reality presents an incredible opportunity to truly immerse clients in the most opulent, branded experiences. It’s an effective way to build a stronger emotional connection with your clientele. Every detail may be considered in advance so they’ll meet the same standards of excellence – every time.​

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