Zoolander Infiltrates High Fashion As Film Premiere Approaches

February 3, 2016

Quoted in Luxury Daily today, our Business Development Manager Kristen Dillman shares her take on the luxury fashion world’s alignment with Zoolander.​

The Zoolander sequel has now been associated with Italian fashion house, Valentino, the latest issue of Vogue Magazine and a number of fashion and Hollywood darlings. What does it all mean? “When Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson appeared unannounced at the Valentino show for the first time in 2015, there was a sense of surprise, delight and self-effacing humor from the luxury fashion community, which often—just like Hollywood—takes itself a bit seriously,” said Kristen Dillman, business development manager at The O Group, New York.​

“People view brands more as friends than businesses, nowadays”

“So when a storied luxury house like Valentino takes a step back from its carefully cultivated veneer to embrace popular culture it feels fresh and modern. The press surrounding the second Zoolander movie has mention of just about every of-the-moment fashion, Hollywood and music celeb and will likely expose new audiences to the Valentino brand, growing its aspirational following and propping up its actual ready-to-wear business.” To read the rest of Kristen’s commentary and the article in full, please visit Luxury Daily’s “Zoolander infiltrates high fashion as film premiere approaches.”​