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Fine Art And Luxury Mobile Have Finally Converged

February 22, 2017

Master works of art and museum-worthy haute couture can be yours with just a few clicks on your mobile phone. The future has certainly arrived.​

Online shopping seemed a far-fetched and inconvenient dream not too long ago, and yet here we are with the power to shop fine art, jewels and antiques on the go. It’s a true testament to the evolution of luxury.

But what does it take to woo clients for mobile commerce? We closely examined two of the most impressive applications to find out: 1stdibs and Sotheby’s. Across all of their similarities and differences, one important fact becomes clear – they’re not simply shopping apps, they’re experiences. These purveyors of luxury have taken the time to shape exclusive and engaging experiences that may be accessed at any place and any time.

Despite the many ways we rethink luxury, the focus on experience remains unchanged. The only aspect that does change is execution – in this case, mobile technology. However, luxury has always been about anticipating clients’ needs, information, exclusivity and emotions – long before Sotheby’s was founded 272 years ago and most certainly still today.


Understanding that major purchases often require detailed insights, both 1stdibs and Sotheby’s extend access to top experts to answer any and all questions posed by potential purchasers.

How do clients use their mobile devices? Sotheby’s understands that many are too busy to scroll through vast product information and so they offer narrated recordings on collections. It’s an excellent feature for clients on the go and fans of audiobooks and podcasts alike.


Both 1stdibs and Sotheby’s offer valuable content to inform, inspire and entertain mobile app users in the form of digital magazines. Clients are also privy to in-depth product details encompassing history and background, vital considerations for shopping fine goods but also exciting tidbits to discuss over dinner.


Featuring some of the most desirable objects on the planet is surely a testament to exclusivity. However, both of these luxury brands go beyond product to also include expert, insider information exclusive to their apps joined by curated collections. Sotheby’s even goes so far as to take users into marquee auctions via live stream! Unparalleled access, indeed.


Because our mobile devices and the way we use them have become wholly and undeniably ingrained into our lives, these apps work to create personalized experiences. They focus on clients’ individual needs and feature artful imagery, language and design to produce emotional brand connections.

These are the ingredients for building brand loyalty and increasing sales. The crafting of a successful experience means users find themselves returning to these apps, time and time again – even when it isn’t time to purchase. They transform into their favorite digital companions to join them at home, on the road and while on holiday.

We’re thrilled to witness the next step of luxury mobile’s evolution!​

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