Fortune Magazine: “What’s The Future Of Luxury?”

December 22, 2014

In a timely release, just as we head into 2015 The O Group is featured in Fortune Magazine’s article on the future of luxury.​

The article features predictions from a number of industry experts, ranging from the jewelry industry to travel to bespoke retail experiences. From Kristen Dillman, Business Development Manager here at The O Group, a few thoughts:

“The O Group’s Kristen Dillman echoed the idea of thoughtful, considered consumption. “Perhaps in the future,” she says, “we might see luxury brands playing on this idea that’s already permeated culture, of people investing in fewer but better things.”

If this prediction is right, expert curators may be more in demand before long…”​

To read the article in full, please visit Fortune Magazine’s: “What’s the future of luxury?“​