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Getting Beautiful Just Got A Lot Easier

April 10, 2016

Attention: All my New York City beauty-loving ladies, this one’s for you. Meet Beautified, an app that lets you find and book same day beauty services.

Nowadays you can do just about anything in a few clicks, especially in New York City. You Seamless your food (not ashamed to admit I’ve ordered coffee from the bodega downstairs to my office), you can have wine delivered in under an hour, and you can have someone pick up and deliver you your dry cleaning. Finally the beauty world is catching up. Beautified offers appointment-based salon services (haircuts, blowouts, massages, facials, waxes) in a matter of clicks. Not only can you can get a killer facial on-demand, you can also book at top studios like Barry’s Bootcamp and Flywheel totally last minute. Plus, you might get a deal. Score!

Beautified has considered how their audiences prefer to interact (how do you even call a landline?) and provided the technology to do just that.

WCW: Hannah BronfmanDJ, influencer, entrepreneur, fitness guru and Beautified Co-founder Hannah Bronfman is totally my girl crush. She’s the friend with advice you never knew you needed. Via Beautified she has introduced me to the antioxidant powers of Matcha tea, showed me where to take Beyoncé themed dance classes in the city and extolled the virtues of those trendy sheet masks. An inspiring motivator in her own right, she preaches a much-needed ‘be the best version of yourself’ mantra while leading strategy for brand integration and partnerships for Beautified. Hannah has stuck out to me as a real voice for a new generation of creators and leaders. There is a real genuineness about her, and brands are taking note. Clinique tapped her as an ambassador in their #FaceForward campaign and Adidas features Bronfman as part of their 2016 #HereToCreate campaign.

People respond to brands with founders who are real people with compelling stories.

For me Hannah adds a much-needed human quality to Beautified’s stellar product offering.


THIS is where Beautified really adds value. Does this scenario sound familiar? “Okay, you’re all done!” “Wow! I love it..” *Panic, cries, calls best friend, runs home and fixes weird new hair style and part.*

Bad haircuts, be gone. You can rest assured that any stylist and salon you visit is top quality. You’re only served salons that “an insider, editor or an influencer has visited.” You don’t have to take your chances with Yelp, or the eyebrow place on the corner. Consumers, myself included, expect a certain level of transparency, service and reliability from brands. Service-based beauty brands, like Glamsquad, Priv, and Beautified, are no different.

Beautified has done a great job of recognizing this consumer behavior and acting accordingly.


Another one of my favorite features? You pay for your entire service (and tip!) through the app. No more awkward loitering at the counter, no more fumbling for cash. While pre-paying online and through apps has become the norm, beauty salons are often far behind. So this feature of the app was an unexpected, and much appreciated, value-add for me. I’ve been able to enjoy my appointments (and complimentary beverage) more knowing that I’m up and out the door as soon as I get up from my chair.


Not only is the pure functionality of this app a godsend, but the interface design is on point too. Working in the world of branding, I’m partial to great design. In the luxury creative space, less is more. Beautified does not disappoint. All in all, the app is beautiful, simple and easy-to-use.


All you need to #getbeautified is download the app. Right now it’s only available for iOS (sorry not sorry Android) and only available in New York City. Warning: Beautified is highly addictive. Weekly massages, blowouts and workouts have been known to occur. Beautified may also cause euphoria and increased spending. Users are advised to exercise caution when walking around SoHo post-haircut as you may feel more fabulous than usual.

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