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Happy Anniversary To Us!

October 28, 2022

I can’t believe 36 years ago I not only pursued my dream but found my passion.

As only entrepreneurs know, it’s a crazy, exciting, scary,
overwhelmingly fulfilling, angst ridden ride one goes on…
But so very rewarding and fun.

The past 5 years have made it even better with my partner in crime, my best friend and creative genius by my side.

Daymon Bruck you’ve made the ride even better and I’m ready for the next how ever many years WE want to go for.

Happiness in what you do day and night is what it’s all about.
And I can honestly say I’m the happiest I’ve ever been and look forward to so may great things to come.

Cheers to The O Group and US!

From Orit to Daymon with love and gratitude!

Orit O Group founder - Luxury Branding Agency New York City
The O Group / Established October 28, 1986
Orit and Daymon - The O Group partners - Luxury Branding and Creative Agency New York City
Orit / CEO / Founder / Partner + Daymon Bruck / CCO / Partner

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As a New York City luxury marketing agency, The O Group has been building legendary brands for the past 35 years across the entire luxury sector including hospitality, home products and materials, fashion, luxury jewelry, fine spirits, food and wine. From our proprietary brand positioning and strategy to crafting essential creative assets needed for brand marketing and digital content, we collaborate with our clients on every part of their brand creation and experience. Our proven process has built a reputation for developing luxury branding that is disruptive, highly desirable and uniquely differentiated.