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Hublot Demonstrates Passion For Football By Profiling Legendary Moments

March 21, 2016

What to make of luxury Swiss watchmaker Hublot’s “Hublot Loves Football” campaign? In the midst of Baselworld, our Strategy Director offers his opinion in Luxury Daily.​

“In a sporting era where players, coaches and sponsors in every league around the world are constantly on the move, reaching 10 years of steady dedication and support is admirable and noteworthy,” said Patrick Lorentz, strategy director at The O Group, New York. “It certainly doesn’t hurt that Hublot’s 10 years of sponsorship is attached to the world’s biggest and most popular sport, (soccer / football).” “The “What is your Euro moment” concept leverages the idea of moments in time, but in a way that should resonate with passionate fans. There are specific football moments that will live on forever – not just for the players, coaches and referees, but for the fans as well. By highlighting these moments delivered by legends of the game, Hublot is creating a connection between the past and today, and between players and fans.”​

Rather than simply being a timekeeper, Hublot is elevated in the eyes of football fans through its use of nostalgia.

“Hublot can only continue to grow through its relationship with the beautiful game,” Mr. Lorentz said. “Millions – if not billions – of fans around the world will continue to be exposed to the brand. Hublot will be a part of stories, plays and moments that will be shared and debated in pubs, on fields and in homes around the world for years to come.” To read the article in full, please visit Luxury Daily’s link.​

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