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Jean Paul Gaultier Takes Comical Approach To Launch Limited-Edition Fragrances

April 8, 2016

Quoted in Luxury Daily today, our Client Services Manager Elizabeth Weinstein shares her take on the limited-edition fragrances of Jean Paul Gaultier.​

“Betty Boop is cheeky and fun, while Popeye is charismatic and larger than life,” said Elizabeth Weinstein, client services manager at The O Group. “The bottle design stays true to it’s existing form, while playing up the brand’s favorite visual themes—the mariner-striped motif and cone-shaped bra. “By tapping these two iconic cartoon characters, and juxtaposing them in modern-day situations, you get a renewed sense of the brand’s personality. Jean Paul Gaultier has long been known for his rebellious, spirited attitude and designs. This collaboration plays into the fantastical, fun nature of the brand by modeling Le Male and Classique in Gaultier-inspired outfits.” To read the rest of Elizabeth’s commentary and the article in full, please visit Luxury Daily’s, “Jean Paul Gaultier takes comical approach to launch limited-edition fragrances”.​

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