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Luxury Fashion’s Sustainable Embrace

February 15, 2017

The fashion industry is stirring with change. In response to global issues, the environment and evolving societal views, some designer fashion houses are embracing sustainable materials and production processes. These names include such powerhouses as Stella McCartney, Gucci, Reformation and even luxury conglomerates like Kering.​

There’s widespread talk about the impact of the fashion industry on our planet’s eco-system, and these are excellent strides in the right direction. Fashion with a conscience can only become the norm when leaders are at the head of the revolution. The world watches all that they do and their progress proves ethical considerations can be met – and with the utmost of elegance. Stella McCartney is one such designer. Her eponymous fashion brand features all vegan garments and accessories, many of which are created with sustainable materials. What is interesting is that her sales see serious growth year after year, as does the percentage of sustainable items in her collections. Gucci’s 2017 Men’s Outerwear Collection is made of… sustainable fabrics. The Italian fashion house surprised everyone with its first foray into eco-friendly materials. The collection will consist of a special textile called ECONYL. ECONYL is able to be completely regenerated and it’s made entirely of salvaged waste products such as excess material produced by manufacturing plants. With the most accessible luxury price tags of this group, Reformation is still undeniably luxurious with some of the most in demand designs of the moment. In fact, the L.A.-based online retailer is now available at another great web destination, none other than The brand aimed at Millennials prides itself on sustainable materials and production while teaching shoppers how to live more sustainably. All the while, Reformation remains on the lips of those in the know with an array of ever-changing, beautiful clothes and tongue-in-cheek marketing. Finally, Kering is leading the way as a conglomerate that cares… in the world of fashion at least. Their aim is to back the fashion houses under their umbrella striving towards greater sustainability success. It’s an excellent message from a firm that certainly has the finances to fund it. It’s interesting to note that both Gucci and Stella McCartney are Kering brands along with the likes of Alexander McQueen, Pomellato, Saint Laurent and others. The conglomerate also backs a few sports and lifestyle brands, Puma being the most recognizable. Historically, fashion was never about sustainability, and yet here are some of the most well-established creators of luxe goods rethinking how high fashion can be done. This is about seeing luxury through a new set of eyes. Using research, technology and forward-thinking ideas, they’re setting the standards for the industry worldwide. Their actions say luxury can be ecologically-friendly and highly desirable. Realistically, if creative industries can’t innovate when it’s time to change, who can? We’re looking forward to see how other fashion houses respond.​

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