New Client Work: PaQui Tequila

September 19, 2020

Cutting through the crowded world of premium and ultra premium Tequila these days is a challenge. PaQui came to us to help them with just that mission: help us stand out and deliver a unique message about our brand to a tequila drinker today that demands exceptional flavor and smoothness and is willing to try something new.

Casamigos, Don Julio and Patron dominate the premium tequila market and their names are very well know to both tequila drinkers and many other spirit consumers.  The challenge with small batch and hand crafted that are new to the market is to not only create an exceptional liquid that is as good as these top brands but can stand out with messaging and brand personality.

Our approach to PaQui was to focus on their “to be happy” tag line (which they have been using in their marketing from the very beginning) but do so in a sophisticated and unexpected way that helped to deliver an impressive but enticing story.


“The O Group was smart. They weren’t only visually on point; they also thought through every single aspect of the project. The way they envisioned the brand and its positioning in the marketplace was strategic. 

Further, they were proactive in what they offered. We didn’t have to pull things from them as they came up with ideas. Simply put, they were more intelligent than other agencies.” – Emi Kamiya, PaQui Tequila, Marketing Director