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Pringle Of Scotland Celebrates 200th Anniversary By Educating On History, Heritage

April 15, 2015

Quoted in Luxury Daily today! Account Executive at The O Group, Elizabeth Weinstein, offers her take on Pringle of Scotland’s 200th anniversary activation, and what it means for the brand moving forward.​

The iconic British apparel and accessories brand has chosen to mark the important anniversary with an exhibition at the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh. From Elizabeth,

“Luxury brands are promoters of taste and Pringle of Scotland is no exception…[Pringle of Scotland] have always been patrons of emerging trends. This exhibition highlights both their traditional and emerging design aesthetic. It is evident that the brand is constantly pushing themselves and evolving with time.​

From sports partnerships, royal appointments, fashion campaigns and a legion of famous fans like Sophia Loren and Grace Kelly, Pringle of Scotland is just as much of a tastemaker today as they were in 1815.”

To read the article in full, and more of Elizabeth’s commentary, please visit Luxury Daily, “Pringle of Scotland celebrates 200th anniversary by educating on history, heritage.”​

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