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The O Group Named as a Top Branding Agency in New York City by Clutch

September 7, 2021

Today, we are celebrating our own success as we announce an incredible milestone. We have been named a top branding company in New York once again! Clutch has recently announced their list of 2021 leaders on their platform and we are very happy to be a part of it!

Clutch is a well-respected  B2B ratings and reviews platform based in Washington DC. They help agencies connect with different clients and businesses from across the globe. 

We are very fortunate to have secured a spot on Clutch’s prestigious list. As much as we want to take all the credit, truth be told, this award wouldn’t be made possible without the help of our clients and partners. Thank you so much for believing in us and in our team’s capabilities to deliver long lasting results and services. You have been vital to our success and we are looking forward to your continued support in the future.

From branding to marketing, our team is here to help you! Let us guide you as we redefine luxury together. Connect with us and let’s start talking about how we can help you reach your goals today.

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As a New York City luxury marketing agency, The O Group has been building legendary brands for the past 35 years across the entire luxury sector including hospitality, home products and materials, fashion, luxury jewelry, fine spirits, food and wine. From our proprietary brand positioning and strategy to crafting essential creative assets needed for brand marketing and digital content, we collaborate with our clients on every part of their brand creation and experience. Our proven process has built a reputation for developing luxury branding that is disruptive, highly desirable and uniquely differentiated.